About the project

About the project

The project “He needs you” was launched by the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia” in December 2010. Within the framework of this project there are agreements with various state institutions, television companies, medical centers, industrial and trade enterprises. See more in section “Partners and participants of the project”.

The project is aimed at fund-raising for seriously ill children, adoption of orphaned children and drawing attention to their problems. Realizing this project, we try to create a simple and functioning system of health care delivery for children. The system in which every citizen of our country could participate, irrespective of his income rate, occupation, status and social position

Videos of the project “He needs you” let know about children who need help. These videos are being shot constantly and are transmitted by five television companies every day.

Since its launch the project “He needs you” has united a lot of people around itself who favor the idea of helping children, including many public people: sportsmen, actors, artists and show business celebrities tell about their attitude to the project “He needs you” (“Partners”) and about the significance of the mission the project fulfills.

The project functioning system

Parents, different organizations, including medical centers for children, refer to the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia” asking for help.

The project “He needs you” has expert board which consists of qualified medical professionals, members of ministries and administrations, who consult on various questions in the sphere of healthcare, social policy, including guardianship and adoption.

The decision to include a child in the project and to announce about charity fund-raisings is made on the basis of consultations with expert board members, verification of the documents authenticity and true facts, stated by the applicants

The Fund helps to attract money to help children. With this, every child-participant of the project has his own accountancy of donations. These are targeted donations, i.e. they can be used only for treatment, medical examination, purchase of medicines and other things and equipment essential for this particular child. Thus, the donators having written the child’s name in payment details make the decision of fund distribution in the project “He needs you”.

Due to ethical considerations we cannot provide information about all the children on our website or to show them on TV. That is why some part of the donations is divided between children-participants, whose stories have not been shown in mass media, depending on the urgency of help (operations and medicines vital for life).

How To Help

We did our best to create an easy, functioning and clear scheme to make donations, so that ill children could get your help as soon as possible.

How you can help children-participants of the project?  See more information in section “How To Help”.

When you donate, using internet payment systems Telepay or Robokassa up to 5% of the donated amount is withheld, these payments are commitment fees and are made according to the contract by the fund for the rendered internet services. When you make any kinds of payments provided in our website, pay attention to the conditions of fund transferring (usually they are indicated when you conduct the operation) as usually the additional commitment fees are paid by the donator.

It should be noted that the fund does its best to reduce such expenditures so that more money is transferred to ill children. We hope you to be more attentive in choosing the way of donation.


Information about the donations, when and by whom they were transferred for the project “They need you” is open to public. All the reports about the donations are updated at least twice per month. You can find this information in section “Donations”, which contains data on the received donations.

In section “They have already helped” you can find information about how each child-participant of the project has been helped. And what funds have been transferred for the project realization.

Moreover the project team regularly updates news on the website (“News”). You can follow our news and learn what children have already been helped, how the treatment is going on, and other information about the children you are concerned with.

Special Projects

Within the framework of the project “He needs you” the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia” realizes several special projects. These are theme short-term programs, information about which you can find in section “Special Projects”.

Any volunteer can participate in special projects and programs “He needs you” personally, invite specialists, provide financial support or propose his own charitable project which can be implemented by joint efforts.

How to Get Help

Any child under the age of 18 can become the participant of the project. In order to start the fund-raising it is required to provide documents confirming the facts, stated in your claim.

For further information please call 8-800-100-19-29 (free calls on the territory of Russia) or go to our website, section “How to get Help”.

The documents are studied by the expert board. Period of waiting for help depends on the diagnosis and donators which get acquainted with the story of your child on the website and on television of 5 channels TV-companies of the Ural Federal District.

We rely on the good will, kind-heartedness of the people, who can hear our appeal and who will help

It should be noted as well that one of the areas of the Fund’s activity is direct assistance to the medical centers, where children undertake treatment and medical examination. This assistance is rendered only on the basis of confirming documents and in emergent cases onto the parents’ personal accounts. This is the way how treatment is conducted in the hospitals of Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Ukraine, etc.

The Fund helps and will help to attract money for children in need for paying expensive treatment. Every child-participant of the project has his own accountancy of donations. These are targeted donations, i.e. they can be used only for treatment and medical examination of the child-recipient.

In our opinion only in this way we can avoid the possibility of fraud, as the fraudsters make use of difficult situations or the possibility of false rumors and accusations of the Fund and parents in non-targeted use of the gathered money. We will also avoid misinforming the donators who transfer their money to particular activities, stated in the stories about children who need help.

“He needs you” is a public project, that is why according to point 3, part 1, article 3 of the FL-152 “Concerning Personal Data” any of the sent documents, including medical extracts and photos, is used in mass media and the Internet only upon written permission of the parents and is one of the conditions of participation in the project.


You can call us on phone numbers, shown on the website, and ask questions by e-mail: deti99@mail.ru.