Help for children

The charity project “He needs you” was launched by the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia” in December 2010. The main aim of the project is fundraising for seriously ill children, acquisition of diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment for children’s clinics and medical centers in Russia.

Realizing the project “He needs you”, we help children with rare genetic and oncological diseases, infantile cerebral palsy, deafness, autism, central nervous diseases and etc.

The project “He needs you” is a simple and effective system of help for children. Donators can learn all the necessary information about children from TV spots, the website of the project or social media and make donations using our website, SMS service or donation box-spheres.

For the time of the project “He needs you” work, more than 233 million rubles have raised and 600 children from different regions of Russia received help.

Information about the donations, when and by whom they were transferred for the project “He needs you” is open to public. All the reports about the donations are updated at least twice per month.

Information about all events, promotions and programs of the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia” and the project “He needs you” is published on the website and social media. You can call us on phone number 8-800-100-19-29 (the call is free for all Regions of Russia) and ask questions by e-mail: