Little steps and great succes

Semyon Malygin does swash-therapy with pleasure and uses for walking a comfortable and very warm specialized wheelchair, which you gave the boy. Thank you for this gift again!

When Semyon Malygin was born, his mother realized that she would have to fight for her son’s health. Financial resources of the small family were poor. But the resources of hope, faith and diligence were almost unlimited.

Now the family has no doubts: the results of home trainings – movements on his hands and knees, ability to sit by himself, speak – it is only the beginning. They will achieve new successes thanks to constant work and your support. A new equipment has been already delivered. You are the first who hear about their impressions!

“We received a long-awaited wheelchair and devices for swash therapy. Thanks so much for your help! Syoma is very happy! Now we have a large, comfortable and warm wheelchair, thanks to you. With the help of swash therapy, Syoma does not cross his legs. He gets to do little steps and manages not to fall to one side, when he sits without a support. Once again, thanks so much for your help”.