Stand and straighten up

You gave Nikita Arnaut specialized equipment for water procedures. The boy’s family hopes that this equipment will help to eliminate the spasticity of the muscles in the lower back. Thank you so much!

We gladly tell you that the necessary sum for Nikita Arnaut has been raised. The bill for specialized equipment needed for hydrotherapeutic procedures for disabled children has been paid. What will it give for the treatment? An opportunity to get up and straighten his back like the boy has never had the ICP.

The family says that it’s the effect they tried to achieve in the rehabilitation centre: after therapeutic exercises, the boy was sitting in the specialized bath, and the muscles of his legs and back work the way all the ICP manifestations disappeared for a while, and Nikita could move almost like a healthy boy.

To achieve the same result again and again and, perhaps, fix it forever – that is the dream of the family. You helped to make it closer. Thanks so much! We stop the fundraising and later we will tell you about treatment results!