“Magic words”

The family of Makar Manaev thank you so much! Now they are waiting for specialized treatment.

Thanks to you Makar Manaev will be able to undergo the treatment with the doctors that “do wonders”. In that centre, children, who were born with deafness and had an implantation, begin to hear, understand people and speak. Isn’t it a miracle?

Makar, one of such little patients, he learnt just one, the most necessary in his everyday life, word, “give!”. His relatives hold breath waiting a long-awaited trip.

“I’m sure that they will help us, in the centre, and Makar will catch up the peers in oral-aural development”, the boy’s mother wrote us. And, of course, many warm words in her letter are addressed to you. You open the door to win over the deafness for her son. Thanks so much!