Continue to believe in victory

Maxim Masenkin continues to fight against a congenital genetic disease. The strength of mind and support of the boy’s family help to achieve these positive results. Many specialists cannot believe that it’s possible. It looks like a real miracle. One more special event happened in the boy’s life, thanks to you.

Maksim Masenkin is seriously and incurably ill. He has a congenital genetic disease that causes weakness and failure of hands, legs, back and all tissues of internals. When the family heard the diagnosis and forecasts, they and the boy started to fight.

Constant trainings, trips to treatment, injections, diet; unresting spiritual strength and optimism have helped us and help to countermand a terrible disease progression now. Maksim controls his hands, trains on standing frame by himself and goes to school on his wheelchair. He has many friends, hobbies and has no minute of downtime.

“Once, when the doctors got our study results, they refused to trust them”, the child’s mother told. “Where the atonia should be, there were signals of muscle activity. All the family believes in Maksim and continues to fight”.

The child does specialized exercises every day. Today you gifted him a standing frame with horizontal position and opportunity to carry on this fight. We stop the fundraising, thanks so much!