Malik has his own transport

“You just saved us!”, the parents of Malik Khakimov addressed such words to you, dear benefactors. A specialized wheelchair has been delivered yet. New equipment brought a lot of happiness to the boy and his family.

Malik Khakimov, or, as the family, friends and even doctors in rehabilitation centres call him “Malyusha”, got the most desirable gift from you: his own transport. The baby fights against the disease actively and confidently. With the new wheelchair, every new step to success will be easier for him.

“Thanks so much to all caring and good-hearted people who sent donation, helped to spread information on fundraising and supported us for all of those days!” the boy’s mum wrote us. “You saved us, because the wheelchair is our legs, rehabilitation, walks and regular pick the little brother up from the kindergarten”.

One more dream of the whole family came true thanks to you. We believe with the boy’s family in his win over the ICP and thank you one more time!