Life without borders

You have changed the life of Denis Zhuk. Now he can move using a specialized wheelchair and it gives more opportunities to take next step. We stopped the fundraising for the boy!

Denis Zhuk is sure that he will become a successful orator and help other people to fight against difficulties. Denis knows better than others how to destroy barriers that are like a blank wall stand on the road. Step by step, he learns his disobedient hands and legs to move and can’t bear the thought of step back before the ICP.

The boy is sure that he will bring his great dream to life: to learn walk steadily by himself. Denis solves many problems tenaciously and patiently, he is still a usual boy: he likes to play, speak about cars and wants to be freer and more independent.

And this wish has come true! A specialized motorized wheelchair has been paid. Thanks so much, we stop the fundraising!