«You are a little sun for us»

Ksenia Busigina is sure that an exercise bike will help her to overcome all consequences of cerebral palsy. The girl’s relatives are waiting for your gift and thank you again!

Ksenia Busygina has friends throughout the country. The girl finds many friends during her summer journeys and, of course, visits to rehabilitation centres. Passing long way of fight against the ICP, she believes: the victory is very close. You helped her to do the first steps toward it.

The family of the girl are waiting for your gift, bicycle-exercycle. They asked us to retell you some warm words.

“Every one of you has a little piece of kindness; YOU are like a little sun for us. You bring the joy in homes where “special” boys and girls live. And MIRACLE knocked our door too! Ksyusha has an exercycle now! Hurray! With a great gratitude to each kind heart! Let everyone next to you gladden you and never let you down, let health and longevity be always with you! Happiness, close-knit family, loyalty and peace to your home. Thank YOU for YOUR BEING there!”