More freedom and more movements

Lev Belsky will continue to learn how to walk using a new cuff for fixators. Thank you very much. We stopped the fundraising for the boy!

The family of Lev Belskiy didn’t have a clue their baby is really active child and hooligan. Now, when the disease constricts movements less and less, he gladdens his family with new tricks and greater independence.

Specialized fixative splints, that you’ve gifted the boy a year ago, let him to begin walk developing. Today, the child steadily moves on his legs with the help of these splints. Now, with a new one, this mobility will be preserved.

“The main is that we have a chance to escape a serious operation of joints”, the child’s family shared.

Thanks to you and your gift, they look to the future with hope. And we gladly see smiling face of brave Lev and thank you again!