Elvira enjoys bathing

The girl’s relatives thank you so much!

If Elvira Lupanova competed in a contest of diligence and determination, certainly she would obtain one of the top prizes. She is cheerful and quick-witted and desires to rise from a wheelchair one day, but she can’t get on with her disobedient legs up till now.

Swimming for children with diseases like Elvira has is not just a pleasant entertainment. In the classroom the child will certainly be able to repeat all the movements which he/she has done in the water. But having not a special rack for bath there only remained for Elvira to dream of possibility to splash and for a short while to feel exciting ease in her arms and legs. In secret from the girl her relatives wrote you a help requesting letter – and you’ve responded to it. And again here are some lines from her mother, with the words of gratitude this time:

“Many thanks to EVERYONE who didn’t stand aside but helped us to collect the necessary sum. It’s very difficult to describe in words our, parents’, feelings when seeing not indifferent people who involved in charity. We are so glad to look at Elvira freely and happily playing and enjoying swimming in the bathroom at last!”