Roma is excited!

Roman Atnagullov uses a new exercise bike with a great pleasure. Thank you for your gift!

Probably, nobody is as looking forward to incoming of spring thaws as Roman Atnagullov. Recently the boy has received your present – a bicycle-exercycle, and now dreams to go for an exciting trip by the new device.

His relatives gladly watch as the boy works the pedals diligently: just a while ago he could not succeed in such alternate movements at all. And they also imagine how their son is riding on the unfrozen paths and almost independent in movements, almost free of ICP.

Anticipating new successes in treatment of their son, his family again asks to convey the words of gratitude to you: “The bicycle is just splendid, everything operates perfectly! Our Romochka is delighted! You do a matter of great import: you gift joy and health to children!”