Malik has his own transport

“You just saved us!”, the parents of Malik Khakimov addressed such words to you, dear benefactors. A specialized wheelchair has been delivered yet. New equipment brought a lot of happiness to the boy and his family.

Continue to believe in victory

Maxim Masenkin continues to fight against a congenital genetic disease. The strength of mind and support of the boy’s family help to achieve these positive results. Many specialists cannot believe that it’s possible. It looks like a real miracle. One more special event happened in the boy’s life, thanks to you.

Stand and straighten up

You gave Nikita Arnaut specialized equipment for water procedures. The boy’s family hopes that this equipment will help to eliminate the spasticity of the muscles in the lower back. Thank you so much!

Dreams came true!

Does it really happen: you sent a letter with a wish and wish came true? Of course, it may happen! The event “New Year’s Miracle” ended in the last days of December. You can see the results of it.

The New Year fairy tale

Where do real wizards live? No, they don’t live in books and films. You were wizards who made real miracles for many children from different cities of our country. We congratulate you with upcoming holidays! Thanks to you, many children saw a real fairy tale on the eve of the New Year.