Charitable fund “Children of Russia”

Charitable fund “Children of Russia” was found in 1999 according to the presidential program. The fund works out and implements programs which are aimed at creation of favourable conditions for the development of children. Over 11 years the fund became a source of financing of many social, cultural and other worthwhile projects implemented not only in the Ural but also in other regions of the Russian Federation.

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company was founded on the 20 of October 1999. Nowadays it is one of the leading vertically-integrated companies of the country. The basis of the company is a closed technology chain of copper: from the extraction of raw materials to the manufacture of finished products on its basis (copper wire rod, rolled metal, cabling and wiring products, radiators). Apart from copper UMMC plants itself strongly on the market of zinc, lead and precious metals. “UMMC-Holding corporation” manages key assets of UMMC.

Modern production, advanced technologies, effective management, highly skilled staff — all that allows the enterprise of UMMC to work stably and to raise the competitiveness of the domestic economy.

UMMC doesn’t only solve business tasks but also participates in social projects among which there are support of educational, cultural and sports institutions, public health, municipal corporations where enterprises of the holding are placed.

Television company “Channel 10”

Television company “Channel 10” works on the market of the electronic mass media of Ekaterinburg since 1994.

Genre structure of the channel’s broadcasting are such programs as “Heath with Tatiana Klimina”, research and information program “10+”, “Football round-up of the Ural”, broadcasts of sporting and entertainment events. Special attention is paid to social policy.

“Channel 10” is a stable upswing television company which over 16 years of a successful work became a part of the city culture.


TV channel “ATN”

TV channel ATN was found in 1997. During its work TV channel worked together with MTV, Fashion TV, Daryal TV, Muz TV, RBK Group and Russia 24.

Since September 10, 2018 TV channel ATN has been network partner of entertainment channel “360”.