Special projects

The project “He needs you” includes several special projects. Every person can support their realization or propose another one.

The Service of Clinical Psychologists in the Child Onco-Hematology Center of the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1

The Service of Clinical Psychologists has been working at the Child Onco-Hematology Center №1 since 2012. The Service makes a huge contribution to the psychological component of treatment. Professionals help children and their parents find the strength to cope with the manifestations of a terrible diseases.

The project “He needs you” raises necessary founds not only for the salaries of highly qualified specialists. We help them to improve their qualifications and the quality of work, visit scientific and practical trainings and etc.

Since 2014, the Center also has a volunteer service, which is managed by the team of Clinical Psychologists. Volunteers arrange holidays, workshops, concerts and other entertainment for young patients and their relatives. Donators help to raise necessary funds for work of the Service.

The creation of the first Center for Palliative Care

A unique project for Sverdlovsk region is being implemented on the basis of the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Ekaterinburg. This is the creation of a Palliative Care Center, which will provide hospice care to young patients.

Founders of the project “He needs you” ask all not indifferent people to pay attention to this problem and help with the creation of the Palliative Care Center in Ekaterinburg.

All necessary equipment and infrastructure cost 2,5 million rubles. Together we can help severely ill children to remember this world as a bright and kind place without tears and pain.

While the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1 is realizing the project, part of the funds was directed to primary needs for children with incurable diseases. Vital medical equipment purchased for the amount of 450,000 rubles. There are respiration filters, Ambu CPR pocket rescue masks, medical pumps, inspirometers and etc.

The special project “New Year’s miracle”

The Charitable Fund “Children of Russia” invites not indifferent people to take part in New Year’ s miracle for orphans, children from low-income and large families and children with disabilities. This project is traditional since 2010. New Year’s dreams of several hundred children have already come true.